Equipment We Use


As a top notch provider of Well Drilling Services in Shrewsbury MA and many of its neighboring areas, it is essential for Bay State Pump Co. to have the very best equipment on the market. Additionally, when you consider the highly substantial and technical work that is being done by our company, it becomes truly apparent just how much of a difference the right tools can make.

Each drilling service that we provide is different but each seems to have an effect on the next and if we don’t have the right equipment, we’d have a little bit of trouble delivering the very best service to our customers. One service in particular is what is called Air Rotary Drilling. In this case, air from a large compressor is piped to a hose connected to the top of the drill pipe and exits through small ports at the base of the drill bit, lifting the cuttings and cooling the bit. One of the major advantages of this Air Rotary Drilling technique is the fact that an indication of water is immediately shown and you will have the opportunity to determine the quantity and quality of the water – which definitely comes in handy for Water Drilling purposes.

When you’ve come to the decision to have water drilling done, it is also important to think about the Geothermal Drilling services that Bay State Pump Co. has to offer. Geothermal Drilling allows for us to pump heat from the ground so that you and your family can enjoy all that comes with a source of hot water.

Water and Geothermal Drilling are both means of tapping into the Earth’s natural source of water and heat and if we didn’t have the proper equipment, it’s more than likely that the quality of our work would be compromised. Here at Bay State Pump Co, your satisfaction is our number one priority, and our high quality tools allow us to get the job done right, the first time. Give us a call today to get started.